What one story

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Bob Vila

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makes you die laughing.

Mine has to be about Brian. No offense brian, but this story makes me cry from laughter, it was just so damn funny.

So about 4 - 5 years ago myself, Brian and Jeremy decided to go camping in Rhode Island. Brian met up with me and jeremy at the campsite as he had to work the day shift and we hit the beach waiting for him. So while we were down there, Jeremy and I bought a Nerf football to toss around. In doing so, Jeremy asks me if I have ever had a catch with Brian. I said no and didn't think much of it. Jeremy told me to ask Brian to have a catch with him when he got to the campsite and left it at that. I saw a very sketchy look upon Jeremy's face as he was telling me this so I knew something had to be up.

Fast forward to later in the day. We get a call from Brian saying he's at the campsite so we show up. Jeremy and I started tossing the football around again and I asked Brian to join in. Jeremy, at this point, knew that extreme laughter was to ensue so he started making his way back to the tent. I'm standing near the tent as is brian, however I am near the doorway. I toss the football over to brian and never again would have I been the same. Brian, in all of his might, threw the ball back, but it just wasn't any throw. It looked like the mentally challenger division of your local little league firstbasemen throwing a 100lb rock. Basically it was like this, normally, people throw and step with the opposite foot. Brian on the other hand, steps with the same foot as his throwing arm. So here I am, witnessing this for the first time, and as soon as the football leaves his arm, both myself and Jeremy have collapsed to our knees in pure laughter. I honestly have never seen or expected anythinglike I did that day. We were laughing so hard that Brian had no idea what we were laughing at so he asked what we were laughing at. Jeremy, in all of his laughter, could only muster up "I farted" this compounded with the fact that I just witnessed the throw of a lifetime had me in stiches.

When all of us get together for BBQ's or just hanging out, this story normally gets reinacted. God, I will never forget that day...sorry Brian.



Do you guys have any stories/experiences that make you laugh out loud even after years have gone by?


lol- i'm laughing out loud at my desk right now... ROFL!

everyones like, are you ok? lol

that was a good time

<-- sucks at sports


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Rest In Peace

I guess the funniest thing I've seen was Celerity drifting the Z at a DOW in NJ....

story set up...

ME, the wife, and steve goes down to NJ for a drift event...I can't remember if it was my first or second event with the Z...but it was in that area. I took the Z out and the wife was riding along...she had soo much fun at that point...she was actually yelling go go go go, slide, drift....she was a riot. After that run, I handed the helmet to Steve, and the wife stayed in for the ride...

When the wife got back with Steve after his run...she litterally fell on the ground laughing her little heart out. When I got her side of the story....I broke a gut....but I wasn't a beleiving the story...so the bext run...I went with him and watched and found out what she was saying.....it was true...

Our litte Steve (celerity) has a problem....

she said that everything was fine when they was going thru the paddocks getting in line for the run, and then once they got to the start gate...all hell broke loose.

He froze....he froze so hard....that he couldn't breath...and then when his body needed air....it was in a gasping mode....almost like hyper-ventilation...and then it got worse...and the wife was scared he's having a heart-attack...and then he started breathing again...and then took off on the run.....miss shifting, pulling the shift knob of the shifter, the wife picked it up and gave it back to him, and then he put it on, it fell off again, and he threw it in the back of the Z...and then...well...he didn't do to good.

When I rode with him...it was the same thing...I noticed he was freaking out and had like the pre-stage jitters and I almost thought he was going to puke all over the car...and well...it made my day laughing all the way home that night...



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Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jun 29 2005, 11:41 AM
lol- i'm laughing out loud at my desk right now... ROFL!

everyones like, are you ok? lol
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:lol: :lol:
all the 4th graders around me are laughing because i'm sitting here laughing by myself ROFL!!!

It is funny because I could picture B, plus my girlfriend's brother throws like that.

So here's my story:

Me and my girlfriend's family went to a lake one day. We were having a good time. So I decided to strt skipping rocks across the lake.
My gf's brother is like "how do you do that?"
I'm like "do what? skip rocks?"
So I show him how to throw them side-arm style so they skip across good.
Well, he picks up a rock, gets to the edge of the water, then tries to throw it.
Imagine B's throwing stance, but he tried to side-arm it like I showed him, and with him stepping forward with the same leg as his throwing arm, he flung himself right into the water!

It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. LMMFAO!!!!! :lol:

It was also funny when I heard Steve's story because B and my gf's bro are similar, always on the comp, hates Internet Explorer, hates AOL, hates Micosoft, loves FireFox, ECT... :lol:

Clayton, will you ever let Celerity drift the Z again? :lol: :lol:


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Sure...I'll let anyone drift the Z...

only clause is...if they break it...they help fix it...

And steve has helped out enough fixi the z, that he is welcome to drift it anytime...he only has to pay for his event registration...same for B, Chris, Bill, Erik, Jeff, Jack and anyone else who has helped put it together or any other car project I had...

granted....tires are not cheap anymore...and I can only drift the Z on new tires....I found out that junk tires on it is too uncontrollable....

JR from Team Falken already gave me the tire setup that I need to get for the Z...and it will run about $500 or more for 1-2 events....but thats for the showoff events...other fun events I can just burn off the spare tires I have laying around...and thats what the other guys can do...they can burn off whats left of the junk tires.... ;)


The Trisexual
I have a couple

4th of July a couple years ago. I as was everyone else was drunk as hell, too drunk. So that little 16-7 year old teenage drinking game of Truth or Dare comes up. We started out with the normal BS shit. Starting getting the girls to flash the cars going by. So it comes to me and they dare me to go stand on the rock right at the road and start swinging my thing around at the cars. I was so drunk I had no sense of any type of reality, so I did it. I'm on the rock half naked "flashing" these cars going by when I see one turn around. I rearrange myself and this car pulls up to me, rolls down the window and asks "do you know where I can get some weed?". I was like "WTF, didn't you just see my with my willy hanging out". "yea, I could tell you were either too drunk or had some good ass weed"


I was at my friends house. I was staying over for the night. He was with his fiance and I was messing with his fiances cousin. So I'm in the room with this girl and they were supposedly sleeping. I heard their bedroom door open and ignored it. Like 5-10 minutes later his fiance knocks on the room I was in and asks me to come out and find my friend, she didn't even look for him yet. So I get up and go with her. We walk into the living room, theres a wall and you can see the TV and the couch is on the wall side. All we see is the AB ROLLER commercial on. We start walking into the living room and this motherfucker is on the couch, butt ass naked wacking off. I just burst out laughing. I thought I was going to die laughing. He jumped up and put his boxers on and started yelling and screaming and throwing shit. I never stopped laughing, I'm still laughing. I mean it wouldn't even be as funny if it was a porno or something. but this was the ab roller commercial.

It was also kinda funny, we were at this party and some kind of sex talk always arises. So some girl starts talking about anal sex. Then this kid's finace (same one) says that he put it in her butt. So I started making fun of her. She tells me way too much shit anyway and we can jjoke around like that. Out of no where she just yells "and I enjoyed it", she didn't realize he was standing behind her and isn't really into everyone knowing their sex life. She made up some bull shit. He still doesn't know she told us. I still fuck around doing the tapping ass motion and she just blurts out "And I enjoyed it"

This one isn't really funny, but the kid is a duetsche. He was tool/drink/food bitch for the day. We were doing a clutch on a Hyundai on New Years Eve, drunk as hell. Probably too drunk to be doing anything mechanical but we did it. So we're working and this kid starts slacking off, we were trying to get it done for new years and didn't want any problems. So we told him we ere going to get cigarettes and left him in the garage. We come back with a couple paintball guns. As we enter the garage he's just standing there lookign stupid. We just open fire on him. It was pretty funny how he was trying to dodge two people just unloading two canisters on him. It was very entertaining. Mean, maybe but the kid really is an asshole. He decided to make up some bullshit ass story and got me and another friend $2k worth of fines. It was filed before new years so maybe he thought that was the reason we did it. Either way we still chilled with him a little longer until we found out about his little "opertation"
Best One, if you don't want to read them all just read this one
This is by far the funniest.
Me and this girl decided to hang out. This is irrelevant but she brought a couple of her gay friends. So we go through the day, blah blah. I get her to give me some road head, people kept beeping cause I didn't have tint and the car I was driving was lowered. So we continue and think nothing of it. She decides she wants more. So we go to this park. I wasn't thinking, I wanted some ass. We kick the kids out of the back and start doing our thing. I managed to make this position where I was out of the sunroof, no more details there. So 10-15 minutes go by. I still wasn't really paying attention to anything else until a car pulled up. Then I noticed it was a police car. Mind you I'm still in the sunroof facing the road. So the cop pulls up directly behind us and starts flashing his spotlight in the car. I just started laughing. He turns it off and tells us to make ourselves "appropriate"...we finally get ourselves together and I get out of the car. He says "do you know why I pulled up". I just stated what I thought was obvious. He started laughing and pointed to the HUGE sign in front of the car "NO PARKING, ANYTIME". It had to be at least 5x7 with huge red lettering. We could have parked 5 feet over and he wouldn't have even bothered us, he says. He just let us on our way.