What price range to expect?

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I paid something like $200 for my head job. I dissasembled it and provided the valve seals. 5 angle, shaved, rebuilt.

Did my own bottom end work.
My cousin took his head in a they charged him $275 and went to another shop to price on dropping in B16A pistons in this LA block and they want $250. I think he over paid.
A regular run of the mill 16 valve job around here runs $165ish. Thats a valve job and machining the head flat, new seals, dissasemble, reassemble..

I did alot of my own head work to save $$.. mild port and polish, polished valves, polished combustion chambers, deshrouded valves, etc.. etc.. and provided the seals and disassembly, thats why my 5 angle and shaving was so cheap.