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Go fast, Go Cheap
i am planning on sending my ECU to Xenocron Tuning Anyone heard of this guy or used his services before? Will his tuning, adding additional fuel maps for boost, be sufficient? Do i still need SAFC of some type, also?

Chris Harris of Xenocron offers a service that seems too good to be true. I am going to send him my P05(95 cx) ecu and he can tune it to run my LS turbo, for $75.


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i plan on sending my p30 to him.
hes very well known on www.homemadeturbos.com

give him a very detailed list of mods done to the car and he can burn a conservative map for you that should be good for daily driving.
you can also get the wideband o2 sensor and datalogging options from him so you can street tune your ecu once you get it back.


chris is cool... i get most of my tuning stuff through him.

but straight up, no matter what he gives you for a map, or anyone for that matter, it will never be perfect, and you will need to get tuned for optimal results. every car is different.


Go fast, Go Cheap
cool, I am really happy i found his site. Save me tons of money/time.

From what he talks about it seems like i can learn alot by working with him.


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Chris knows his shit, but like everyone has stated, DON'T beat on it with a basemap, get that puppy t00ned!!


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i have bought from and sold to Chris a few times, very honest guy.

use the free version of crome to tune
use EcuControl to datalog
buy a LC-1 for a wideband
buy a willem if you are cheap, get ostrich if your a baller