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Originally posted by Calesta@Dec 17 2002, 06:10 PM
92b16vx- The ZC is a D series block, not a B series like most of the DOHC engines that people are swapping into their Civics.

Yea I know I'm thinking that because the 85-91 rex's here(germany)that come with zc's have the bulge in the hood to accommodate the dohc.
Dude that is an awesome price on that. ARGGGG!! I hate insurance. Ya know what I did yesterday? I paid 700 bucks to the insurance company! This sucks, Dude I'm going to try to get some money saved up to buy that, that is awesome man. God I hate insurance.
Originally posted by pills_PMD@Dec 18 2002, 07:58 AM
i have a d16z6 head if you are interested

I might possibly know a guy in my club who would want that for a mini me. Is it just the head? Or what would be included? Price?

Oh and redefhatch... Just let me know if you want it. And let me know when you get the money bro.