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Alright i gave up on the hatch idea for now (the one cheap one if found was sold the second day they had the add up)

Alright i am pretty positive what i want to do for my sol, I am for sure going NA, (because i know basicly nothing about turbo) and for the engien I am going to go with either ITR or GSR. That is basicly set in stone. Right now my car is 98% stock, still riding monster truck style with alright wheels (the newer style del Sol 5 spokes) Anyways right now i have about 1300 saved up and money flow will be slow untill the spring. So my question is, should i do my suspention now, (can keep my stock wheels for now) and hold off on the swap until late summer, or should i just save up for now and do the swap first?

For suspention i want to go energy suspention bushings and then for the rest i am kinda clueless on. Do you even think that i could do my suspention now with that kind of money? I was thinking about using Progressive springs with some good shocks and then putting some heavy duty sway bars on them. Any other susgestions on this?

Edit- one more thing, what are the engine speeds for the ITR and GSR at highway speeds, I need this to be a good daily driver (good gas millage <--- cheap as hell) and i dont want something that will be going 5k rpms at 75 in fifth gear.

Sorry to write so much

Cliffs: Should i wait and do the swap first or should i do the suspention now? and a few other things
a few of my friends and i are going with H&R cup kit. the cup kit goes for about 600-650. the bushings are going to be a bitch to put on.... i m having a shop put mine on. i was going to do the swap 1st but but ran in to money troble and had to use money i had saved for something else.
and just a little more detail, i have never set #'s for what i want in the quarters (if i get close to 14's then its all good) instead i just want a car that handles. Next season i am going to get into autocross alot more and i dont care if i am compeditive, i just want to go fast and not feel like my car is going to roll when i make a sharp turn.
for the bussings (sp?) they basicly have to take apart the suspention right? So if i had a shop do it, they might as well throw the springs, shocks and all that kind of stuff on right then, right?
from the looks of it they should put the whole thing in bushing/springs/struts. seems easier.
if auto X is your thing, JDM itr is the way to go. and make sure you get the LSD tranny with the 4.785 FDR
if you are concerned about fuel economy- consider the LS 5th gear swapped in.
as for right now- do suspension first; JIC or Tein or Ohlins if you are made of money
what are the prices on jic and tein coilovers? What one will still be um halfway decent for normal use? (know that it will not be soft as a pillow but still alright) I live in michigan and our old Govener for a few years decided to put $0 dollars towards roads and they got so beat up, so he finally decided to put some founding towards roads but made it legal for companys to have a very thin foundation (canadas minimum is like 12 inchs, here in michigan it is 8.) plus with all the salt, our roads are horrible, that said i need something that is still streetable. That is why i was looking at a progressive spring.
is the tein SS the only coilover tein makes that fits on the sols? The best price I could find was 900, I think that the SS is not going to be as aggressive as I want, I want suspention that can get equal to or >1g of lateral acceleration. Is the tein the way to go with these kind of goals?

I'll be lowering my car as soon as the snow season is over with, major reason, i had to dig my self out because i got stuck screwing around in 3 inchs of snow, (summer tires arnt good in snow) but i think that would be even more comman if I lower it in mid january
ttt, comeone, suspention is most of your guys forte.

b, how much are you paying for your JIC?

the teins sound reasonable at 900 (and i know Jason will make that a lower #)
i have the tein ss's and i am more than happy with them, i got them off jason for $900(w/o pillow mounts). i'm not sure how many g's they can handle, and haven't taken it to the track yet, because i need a snell 2000 helmet and $175 for a day at the track :) i'll tell you what though, these coilovers are pretty damn good, better than anything else i've ridden in. and having 16 ways of damper adjustment, makes it nice for whatever type of driving you happen to be doing. i say if you have the 1300 that should almost be enough for the tein ss's and pillow mounts (got those too) and your energy bushings (not sure on the price on those, i'd like to do them myself but hear they are a bitch to get in).
well if jics are that much, i will probally go with Tein. The energy suspention bushings are 180 but for those i will probally have to spend money to get them installed (sounds to hard for me). I also wanted to get some good sway bars and with all of this, i am sure that 1g+ is reachable.

As for the helment, most autocross just say snell 95 or newer, my brother has a motorcycle healment that he used when he had his go cart (parents made him buy the healment) so i just use that when i autoX, it may look ghey (scratchs like crazy, sheild is broken off, brother put stickers of about every brand of hockey stuff on it) but it works
ya here at the tracks ie: sears point, thunderhill and laguna seca require the snell 2000 rating (or it may be just a nasa requirement?). get an ITR rear sway bar, i hear front sway bars are not favored in autoX or road race, never ran with one myself. i did just install my ITR rear sway this weekend and it rides pretty damn nice :)
the JIC flt-a2's will out perform the tein SS hands down. the JIC's come with pillowball mounts as well.

if you don't see it listed for the sol, 92-95 civic ones work- as will ITR with rear lca swaped to itr lca format (which you SHOULD do anyway... gives you a place to run the itr rear sway.... something the sol si is missing *ahem* HONDA BASTARD FUCK CUTTING CORNER BASTARDS *ahem*)


if you go tein, at least get the HA's with the pillow ball
Brian still refuses to believe that the HA's are discontinued and the SS's are the replacement :P