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should i trade my cx for a rex?

  • trade it for the 90 si

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my friends girl is having a baby so he needs a bigger car and he asked if i would trade straight up for his 90 si rex.

the rex= 160,000 ( engine just got rebuilt) lowered with ground control with koni struts, short shifter with sparco shift knob, striped interier, aem cai, dc sports exhaust, alarm(not as good as mine), painted tailights, 2 5 inch claion tv's in visors and it has rota slipstreams(which he wants to keep)

the cx= 136,000 lowered cuz springs suck, shitty exhaust with butt loads of leaks, si wheels(that he dont want), compustar alarm, claion mtx polkmomo stereo system (that he dont want with the car), tezza' and fake carbon fiber mirors

my car has shit loads of rust his has two very small spots....

so what would you do?
people are looking but no votes :( yeah yeah i know it hasn't been that long secne i posted this.. but just cant wait to know what yalll think! i really like the rex... i want to trade but not sure you know...
i voted to trade. i dont see any reason why it wouldnt be a good trade. th rex weighs less so it would be faster too.
Trade it-

Swaps are plentiful for the rex, and a hell of a lot cheaper than the eg swaps

Zc turbo, b18a turbo, b16a,- and all those motors are hella cheap compared to the 92-95 counterparts

Besides- rust is a pain to fix or get it fixed, and the car is still never the same unless you replace the entire body panel.
I voted to trade here is why. You can get a decent ls swap (obd0) b18a1 for around $650 if you look hard, there bam you should have high 14's, specially since the car is gutted. You can build it for boost and someday slap a turbo kit on there. Done right, well you know I see you here enough, could see 10's...12's is a given in the 1320.
Plus I like the style of the crx better, the si has a nicer interior package IMO as well. No matter what you can basically do the same thing with either car, but rust is ghey, and no offense to all the hatch owners out there but every time I see them I always think 2 dr station wagon. Sorry!
wow someone voted to keep it.... with out backing it up... oh well
I love hb's but rust sucks. I would say go with the rex, throw in a b16 if you want to stay NA, b18a if you want to go turbo. For about 1600 (with mounts) a swap can be done, with obd1's a swap will cost you at least 2300 for a b16. I would say once you get it, sell the tv things, go to a body shop, take car of the minor rust and then save up for the swap.
i have a dvd player already for a car and the tv are build in to visorsso why not use em u know!
Originally posted by 92CivicCx@Jan 13 2003, 12:58 PM
not really the rex heavier

1990 Honda CRX Si MT 2174

1992 Honda Civic CX HB MT 2094

damn that is one light hb! thank god my rex weighs 2048 (89 dx) well, the rex still has a shorter wheelbase, so its prolly quicker around the turns....and less rust is always a plus :)...and it looks less like a grocery getter.
Jon you should trade, the rex is phat! One problem, tall guy in a little ass rex. That's just like "fat guy in a little coooaaaaatt, Fat guy in a liiitttlleee, coooaaatt" :lol:
thanks pete.... i want that rex..... i couldn't get to talk to the dude cuz i got fucked in to working from jeff( my manager) i'lll try to talk to him on thursday
he traded it for a golf :( oh well i keep saving then :(