What size is the ITR Clutch Master Cylinder ?

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I was wondering if the Integra Type-R uses a bigger Clutch Master Cylinder than the other Integras ?

I think the others use a 5/8" clutch master cylinder.

Anyone knows what size the Integra Type-R uses ?

I hear the bigger the piston the better your shifting (same principle they use for the Omni-Power Quicklutch Master Cylinder upgrade: http://www.omnipowerusa.com/Products/Produ...er_Cylinder.asp ).

I was also wondering if upgrading to the Type-R would have a similar effect, but not as aggresive as the Omni-Power's ?



oops- moved you there by accident.... moved back :p

I don't know the sizes, but i've also never heard of them being different.

Frankly, i don't see the point. It's not like you're changing thsize of the slave cylinder.
a larger master will allow more fluid per push, thus, making the stroke of the clutch less than it shoudl be... all the way down would be a floating point in the air on the pedal.