What the F*** is wrong here


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:( I have an 88 crx si obdo with a fist gen b16a swap. All the wiring is correct and the starter turns, but the motor does not turn over. I have replaced the distribitor, spark plugs, plug wires. I mean every thing. The ecu does not send any codes to the led light. The lights of the car turns on, the horn beeps, windsheild wipers work, radio works. I just can not figure this out. Seems like it might be a grounding problem????????? Please Please Please help me. :blink:


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you need to be more clear. does the motor turn over but the car wont start or, does the starter spin but the motor wont turn over?


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if you've replaced all the ignition parts,
its time to check the other 2 requirememnts to turn over--

and compression.


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Originally posted by 88bluehf@Jun 16 2005, 01:43 AM
check engine ground on transmission, valve cover and thermostat.
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I just did an experiment on this,

With the tranny ground disconnected you get power to the car, but will not crank
With the thermostat housing ground disconnected the motor will crank, but not turn over
With the valve cover ground disconnected the motor started right up as normal.

Now, this could be because of the fact that I am using thicker than OEM gauge that the motor started without teh VC ground, I don't have an OEM wire to test.

So, the starter is spinning the flywheel and turning the motor over, but it is not cranking up? Is fuel coming out of the injectors? Have to static timed it? Did you do it properly?


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Originally posted by Dark91zc@Jun 17 2005, 12:52 AM
did you do any rewiring???
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yeah we need to know that. When i relocated my battery to the rear on my other rex, My motor was not grounded properly. I spent 150 bucks and later i found out the it was just a stupid ground :angry: ground them somewhere else if necessary. It sounds like a grounding prolbem. make sure you battery,tranny and motor are on different wires.


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sounds to me more like a timming issue im with 92b16vx- when u put the dizzy in did u set the ignition timming ?