What The Heck Is That Annoying Sound?

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I drive down the road and there is an annoying squeeeking sound... it is commin from the inside of the car and somewhere in the back... i cant tell exactly where but its only when i go over bumps or down bumpy roads... it gets very annoying and i cant figure out what it is because i work on it and it doesnt make the noise cuz im stopped... well please help if you can!!
What kind of car is it?If it is a hatch,left up the hatch and look in the corners at the bottom where it meets the chassis,you should see a couple of rubber stoppers.They adjust by turning them one way or another,adjust away.It could also be your springs,mine were way fawked and made a horrible screeching noise.
go to the parts store and get a can od 100% sylicone lubricant spray
spray it on all the rubber door/hatch/trunk seels you can get to
let it sit there for a little while before closing everything up to let the sylicone seep into the rubber
that should quiet things up
you will need to repeat this whenever it gets squeeky
:werd: that stuff does wonders. I used the gel kind on my top, after that it was like i was driving in a minivan. No squeeks what so ever.