What tire size should I get?

I need to know what size of tire I should get. The website that sells the wheels I want (Axis Maglites, 15x7) sell packages that come w/ 195/50/15 tires. Is this the size I should run or not? It will be a daily driver but I will possibly do a little road racing or autox so I would like for the tire size to be very good for handling. What do you guys think?

btw, how good are these wheels? I love the look and they're lightweight and cheap, good combination if ya ask me ;)


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It depends on what tire you want to run. Azenis are great tires and probally IMO the best daily driver/autox tire you can buy without spending over 100+ a tire. They only come in 205-55-15's.


you mean 205/50-15. but yeah, azenis are the shit. i highly recommend them. unless you: plan on using them in the snow, love drag racing, care about noise, don't mind replacing them, as they do wear a little quickly - not too bad though. but damn are they are incredibly sticky. i will never even bother to buy a different tire.

i don't care what anybody says, azenis are GOOD in the rain - except standing water of course. i think they hold pretty well when it's wet, but people who have never used them say they suck ass in the rain, so i dunno. ;)
How much would I expect to pay for the azenis? Also, where can I even find them lol. Tirerack and Discount Tire don't have falcon tires on their sites.

Also the wear ratings on them are like 200 from one site I saw. This doesn't seem too bad as even some of the high performance Kumho's has 320-360 ratings.

EDIT: They are the Falcon Azenis Sport right? The other model of Azenis don't have a tire for a 15" rim I think.
I found them at victoria tire for $62 per tire. 1010tires has them for $104!


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Go to Les Schwab and get them. 205-50-15 Azenis are 86 apiece, mounted and everything. No need to deal with gay shipping.
Dang, No Les Schwab here either (TX). Maybe another tire shop around here has them.

EDIT: dang you were right B, $72 shipping! Plus I'd have to still get them mounted.


i haven't checked into this myself yet, so don't get mad if it's wrong, but apparently sears - yes sears the dept store - in their stupid little auto garage piece, sells azenis for somewhere around $275 after tax for 4x 205/50-15. i hope that's true, as i'm about due for a new set myself.

i've gotten all my other sets from www.rspeed.net they were $64 a piece plus about $32 for shipping (georiga to pa)