What To Do With 5g Cx Hatch

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i just recently bought a 92 cx hatch, bone stock. I m debating on what to do, a mini me or a complete swap? I have done plenty of reading in the forums and I am still wondering how much $ the mini me set up is going to set me back versus the swap.

Depends your wants. Do you just want more kick? Or more into making monster power?

Mini-me will set you back between 500-700 bucks. Depends what you pay for your parts. Check out Nicks (Afipunk) mini-me stuff forsale in the classifieds.

500-700 is for stock parts. You will want to do bolt ons also.

The cheapest swap for a 5th gen is 2250 for b16 sir 2, then you need misc. stuff. Something ALWAYS goes wrong. So look for ~3000 to be safe.
i have a mini me in my Del Sol Si right now (long story)
it is a fun setup... but id still say do a full B series swap... better platform to start with and much more potential

and all 92 civics are pre-wired for VTEC so you wont have to deal with running wires (unless you get a B18C1 then youll have to wire it for the secondaries)