What To Do With My B17a?

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I have a 92 Integra Gsr that has seen better days. Engine is stock and runs strong. Not sure I want to dump the money into fixing the body. (front end damage) Am wondering what I can put this motor into besides another Integra? How much work would it be to put my engine in a 92 or 93 Ls Integra? What would I need to keep from my gsr? Also, what Hondas can I easily put my engine in? any help would be appreciated.


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The engine would go nicely into a 93-95 del sol, or a 92-95 civic. It should be OBD-I since its from a '92. You will need the engine/transmission/motormounts/ECU/throttle cable/axles and probably a few other parts I cant think of at the moment. Its best to keep the donor car around until you are done with the swap.


if you are thinking of junking the car, i say try to sell it. The b17 is a very rare motor, and thus, worth a pretty penny. you could easily sell it, and buy a b18c gsr swap with the money you get for it.

if you dont want to deal with the hassel, you can put it in any car pretty much from 92-95, teg or civic.


you could part the car out, but that takes time and lots of patience...your call. the suspension should also fit on civics as well.


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well if your thinking of putting it in a 92 -95 civic your gonna need a hydro tranny instead of the tranny you have right now and if you do that then let me know i might be interested in buying the stock cable tranny from you.......i say put it in a 88-91 hatch i have one in a 91 hatch and i like it very strong motor........havent lost yet then again is mine stock???????