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alright heres the deal. i bought a 95 integra w/ a GSR body and a Ls engine about 7 months ago. ive done the usuals plus some other stuff and im now pushin no more then 180. i bought it w/ a white w/ bluepearl clearcoat on it, the driver side fender was crinkled and its pointless to try to fix really, i just got my tires slashed a week ago and i now have shit wheels on it. but anyways my payments are 180 a month for my car and lil more then 100 for everything else, insurance and everything so i have like 300 a month payments total and i only make like 400 a month right now b/c of sports(im 17 and in school) and i want to get a crotch rocket soooooo bad and i got one of them lined out but i need to get rid of my car. i only payed 3800 for my integra. a really good deal. but should i sell my car and get something like a civic hatchback and pay cash for it or should i just keep my car .also if anybody knows of any cars for like 3000 in gooooood condition then just drop me a word that would be nice, but thanks for the space
cody Inskeep
jesus i'd never buy a gsr shell with a teg motor, the fuckin insurance... screw that.... i know prudental frowns upon vtec, sounds dumb but i would pay the same insurance on a ex that i'd pay on a si