what to say to cops?

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it might b3 better with sound...im at school
that actual one wasn't that great, but some of the others were funny as shit. i laughed, and then i cried, and then i laughed some more
I've alway wanted an office to ask me this
Office: Been Drinking
Answer: You Buyin
that is the gayest thing i have ever seen/heard, EVER
ive done the check the trunk thing twice ... (slow learner) both times out the car at gun point (DOH!)
1st time .... cop: you know you need 2 or more people to be in the HOV lane right? ... me: check the trunk... officer(w/ gun out) step out of the car keep your hands where i can see them
2nd time .... cop: do you have any weapons or drugs in the car? ... me: is the trunk considered "in" the car?? ... cop (with hand on gun) please step out of the car sir...
it was funny and ghey at the same time!
i dont get pulled over...

today... there was a cop on my ass- he puts on his lights, i pull over- he goes around me- and pulls over this chick in a jeep grand cheroke in front of me haha

i was luaghing
get this a friend of mine got pulled over and the cop came up and asked "sone what do you think this is the fast and the furious" and my friend replied "No sir, its the slow and the cautious." Go figure if i did that i would get a ticket but somehow he never got a thing
I wish I could say all that lame stuff. I would get beat down like rodney. I remember the first time i got the eg... i got pulled over all the time for stupid stuff...(um no license plate, you are driving to slow, you have a parking decal on your rear view mirror..stupid cops)