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ok here's the deal i have a 93 integra and also have a 94 b16a3 its blown should i go with a b20 and do a b20/vtec with the head i have or should i go with a sir1 motor compare the numbers

sir1 motor b16a3 160 horse 111trq
b20 135 horse 131trq
The b16 is already vtec how hard is it to put my b16 head on the b20 and what exactly what do i need to do and does anyone sell the oil line kit give me your advise

ps the b16a3 came from my 13sec del sol before the reck
You could also build an LSVTEC with the engine that you already have in that Integra (I assume the stock engine is still there). You could part out the B16 and save for a turbo kit for the LS engine. You have lots of options. The question is what do you want to do with this car? And how much do you want to spend?