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Ok. so I missed the whole sha bang with Aleaf. if I'm opening an sore wound. then lock this thread. But um. what happened for her to be banned?


she acted childish,kept going ater being warned twice,se was a cool chick,but def. deserved the ban


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she's a 19 year old girl. you shouldn't need anything more for an explanation.

if you do need an explanation, just read the threads she posted in.


I did go back and try to read what happened. but B edited them. so. i missed out on what she did that made her get warned. I also did see she was getting warned and didnt quit. I figured she got all depressed about something and decided to pick at something that wasnt really worth it. From what I've gathered in the past. she was being kicked out of her home, had no money for a apartment,and her parents wouldnt take her back. Im not trying to defend her or anything, Im just being nosy.


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I still can't fathom a way to actually get hit with the :ban: stick. Maybe I'm just not into controversy. Still, I was surprised to see that she got banned.


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call the mods assholes long enough and they'll give you an e-slap.

I couldn't think of a reason to do so. Wow! Shit, I'm more than grateful for this site and the people on it...even INJEN. :D


hey at least the pic thread was a winner.............lol


she got in a pissing match with another member.

cool, fine, keep it to pm.

then she complains to me about it.. i tell her to just stop replying, put the other party on ignore, etc.
then she decides to go public with it, not once, not tiwce, but 3 times with it after i told her stop.
so, she earned her self a 7 day all expense paid trip to banville.


..is grounded.
fyi everyone - i will not reply or respond to anything she posts if she does come back...UNLESS she snipes me, directly attacks, maligns, or in any other way directs offensive crap at me.

i do apologize to the forums for having any part in anything to do with her - but i will not just sit back and let someone disrespect me on the Internet or anywhere else.

she changed her avatar tagline to something very sexist and derogatory (and directed at me) so I PM'd her with what I thought of it. what she did after that is her baggage and frankly i'm thankful the mods edited her posts - they can edit this one too if they choose. :D


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we now return you to your regular broadcast


So just because I dont feel like making a new thread and this one is kicking pretty well..

Its raining in Florida, and I love Rain-X.
so... what is everyone else doing with their average boring Thursday.


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work, then go home and do more work. Tss worker for my son tonight from 5(the min I walk in the door) till 7:30 then the mobil thearipist from 7:30 to 9pm. Then I get an hour till bed time to get me and my son ready for the next day (make luch, laundry shower ect).
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