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No, this isn't a fucking post about the top gear review or pics or some shit.

I just found out that they assemble them in Ashland, OR. Less than 4 hours from my fucking house.

I just thought it was cool, there ain't shit in oregon. :lol:
Move, and get a job. Honda motors and tubular chassis ! Get some aluminum bonding / welding under your belt and move towards aerospace.


-> Steve

I would get a job there taking out the garbage. I did in the Ferrari shop and before I knew it I was rebuilding Gordini engines for a not-to-shabby pay.
Just think... At that company, they have a rack of brand spankin new Built CTR motors with superchargers attatched. Just.. Sitting there....


I seriously doubt that they just have parts laying around to build the Atom... it's not like they build in very high volume. If anything, they probably have parts for one- maybe two max on hand at a time.
Holy shit, i was just in Ashland last month. I didnt know there was an assembly place there. Perhaps when the next season of plays starts for the shakespeare festival ill have to make my way over and check it out

(4 hours from ashland too)