Whats A B-pipe Is?

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Well I heard if you do swap B18C1 in Civic 96-00 you will have to cut B-pipe in your exaust system.
But were is that B-pipe


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he is talking about cuting it for a swap so i would assume he means the down pipe


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i think you guys are actually talking about the same thing. i've heard it being refered to as a mid-pipe and a down pipe. On a GSR swap into a Civic, yes it's true that the header will not bolt right up to your car. I have seen different ways around this problem. You can either take your car to a muffler shop and have them extend your mid-pipe(the piping that connects the cat to the muffler) by about 2 inches or so, but i have also seen people extend out their cat. They will cut the part the flange is on and extend it out.


you guys made me bust out my paint skills


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Nice illistration. I worked at a honda junk yard and the down pipe we called the a pipe and the mid pipe, is the b pipe. :ph34r: