Whats a Better Swap? B18a(92-93) or ZC?

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Hey all, im new to your little websight here, very nice. I have a little problem, My car ( 1990 CRX Si) is all good and all, but lacks any kind of power. I have friends that have knowhow to do a swap, i just need the $$$ and to decide what engine would be the best. So far i have it narrowed down to a ZC or b18a, i have the knowledge to install either of these with a little help from my buddies anyway i picked these 2 engines b/c 1 i heard the ZC was easy to install and gave good alot better response with 89 Integ ECU 2, my friends said a B18a would be the way to go, because of more torque and HP as well as a bullitproof bottem end.... Right now i have roughly $3000 canadian. or like... $2200 American, i have a friend that can get me a complete B18a for 1500, and with mounts and clutch that leaves me with roughly 500 left over. For the ZC i can get engine for 800 and clutch. so like 1200, leaving me with 1800 left over. I already have intake and exhaust on my D16 that will fit the Integra and ZC. ( its made for Integra). Anyway. this leaves me with a lil spending money for the ZC ,or a Intake Exhaust on the B18a. The point of my post is what would the best engine b for my car? I want the best proformance while keeping it a strong daily driver. I dont wanna go into vtec due to my lack of knowledge as well as expensive. Please give me your thoughts on which swap would b the best. Thanks. My email is KillaBee_88@hotmail.com
For your car either motor would be good,they both have their pros and cons.A b16a Sir is a good engine too,and won't run you alot either.Are you looking to bolt on stuff immediately or can you afford to buy the stronger engine and wait to upgrade?You'd have to decide what the end result needs to be.But really you can't go wrong either way,so I guess this is no help at all.
for the choice of B18A or ZC id definatly say get the B18A... they are both DOHC non-VTEC engines The B18A has more displacement, more HP/TQ, more aftermarket support, ... if you were to get the ZC and put the extra money you have into it youd end up with about the same HP as the B18A with minor bolt-ons
b18a or b16a sir. the zc, In my opinion, is a good swap ONLY if you are on a tight budget. its cheap cuz you can use a lot of your stock stuff, including your tranny-- but you get what you pay for. b series owns :)