Whats A Resonator?

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i know what it is but what exactly does it do, i got my crx and i this is the only car ive ever had that has had one on it, i know im stupid but o well... i was just wonderin


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it does exactly what you would think - resonates the sound coming out of the engine. Resonates = less dB.

Don't be a pussy, take it off :p


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yeah i agree take it off it will give a little more power for u but u probably won't be able to notice it but if u have one on the intake which i haven't seen one on a hona yet take it off my brother took the silencers off of his intake of his daewoo and noticed a difference in his time slips


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designed for less sound. take it off if you don't mind the louder sound. but that will make you a cop magnet.


I'm just about that action Boss.
:werd: or they loop from the stocker air box to infront of the engine compartment to near the driver side headlight.