Whats Better Chipped P28 Or P30 For B16a2

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hey i am puting b16a2 into my 93 civic dx what would be better p30 which uses a knock sensor or p28 looking from performace pointof view which would be faster
p28 doesnt support a knock sensor
either one is a good choice
p30's might be hard to find (never looked for one but the Del Sol with the B16 is kinda hard to find so id think the ECU wouldnt be the easiest thing to get either)
as for what will be faster... couldnt tell ya
moving to ecus.

and if you are talking a straight up p28 vs p30... not a chipped p28....

definately use the p30 if you can get your hands on it. the p28 will stop sending fuel around 7600 rpm or so
i would go with the p28 just because of the possiblities with programs and aftermarket with that ECU but in stock form the p30 is better but more pricier and (to me) a waste of moeny...if your going to chip the ecu stick with the p28 there are more options but if u want to keep the ecu in stock form get the p30 but have fun finding it for a decent price.....