What's Shakin?! Broke my R-Sex. Need Pistons/rods


About a week ago my happy, healthy '02 RSX-s rolled over 200k. Last night I hit a 3 inch deep puddle and sucked a little water through the cold air and it instantly died. I cranked it and it crapped steam and came back to life but now I have a tick in the motor. I'm guessing I tweaked a rod. But in true phyregod fashion I can't just fix it. Looking for upgrade options. I need some decent rods and slightly higher compression piston options. 91 pump gas is the best I can do around here. Not looking for a crazy beast motor. Reliability is of the greatest importance. I commute this thing 200 miles every day. Options?

Also, hello!


hi. :) a tick might be in the head... might've bent a valve, not a piston. Before you guy buying stuff, tear it apart and see what you need.


I thought about that.. Trying to work out in my mind how l could have bent a valve with water, though. Would definitely be an easier fix! I'll do a compression check tonight and see if that reveals anything. Haven't checked the oil for water yet. Got in late and parked it.