Whats the difference?

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Well, the stats show an extra 20 HP in the Type S

And sorry for posting in different forums but I posted in the other forum before I saw this one.
I am not sure about this, but I don't think that the American Type S has an LSD. It has a system called ATTS or Active Torque Transfer System that works something like an LSD, but it is not an LSD.
Yeah, don't get confused. The Type S is very different from the SH. The Type S only came in Japan, has a real-life LSD, more aggressive cams, a higher compression and a red valve cover.

The SH came only in the states, and the only difference between it and the base Prelude is the above-mentioned ATTS, which is heavy LSD-lookalike which doesn't quite match up to a typical LSD in terms of functionality.