What's this, who's that, am I back?

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^^ Likes Bewbies
Long time no see man.

Let me grab my popcorn. I'm sure this is going to get good.


Member of the 20 nut club
im going to regret asking this .... but where the fuck have you been


These snozzberries taste like snozzberries...
i checked and saw that you had logged in a while ago. it must have been someone under your user since you didn't post.

are you clean now?


The Trisexual
I can be honest I'm still stuck on that girl. Been with enough people since the last time I've been on here but I just can't get her out of my head.

We started talkin a little last year then I dropped her cause I thought I wanted more then she had to offer... I'm never gonna get over her. I wish I never had changed the plans when we were talking about gettin married.


The Trisexual
I've been everywhere.

As for being clean, it's been on and off, right now, yes. When I fuck up, I' haven't been using at a deadly level.


Throughout mans history, a lot of lessons have been self taught.

when something sharp pokes you, it hurts, therefore man tries to avoid being poked.
when something is soft, usually man will try to touch it often.
when something burns you, it hurts, therefore man tries to avoid being burned.

But, every once in a while, theres that one man that grabs the hot coal, and quickly releases it. then, for some reason unknown to the rest of civilization, this man grabs the coal again. and just the same as the last, quickly throws it down.
now, one would think that this man would now understand that the coal is hot, therefore should be left untouched. This man is not stupid by any means, he is known for being an average type man.
But this man keeps grabbing the hot coal.
Could it be bc its pretty? maybe, but the consequences are there, and present in his agonizing burns.
but even after the burns heal, this man always grabs the coal.


The Trisexual
It's something no one person who hasn't experienced that particular addiction can understand. I would never recommend or pressure anyone into trying or using it but it's just an extremely difficult scenario and situation to overcome, it's entirely possible, just not easy.


so you still living with the grands?
you in PA or NJ?
that weapon charge get handled?
do the grandparents "know" yet?