wheel spacer information please


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I did a search on this forum and couldn't find much info on running spacers

I know alot of people do it for one reason or another and somepeople say they are just dandy and other don't like them

the reason I would run them is so that I can fit my SIR2 brakes under my HX wheels without grinding down the caliper at all

I know they with give me a wider stance and all and they will make my car look cooler (not important in this decision)

anyway what are the downsides of running spacers.... should I just grind down the calipers and forget about it?



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With a 3mm spacer you should have plenty of tread left on your lugs, and clear any fitment issues you may have with caliper rubbing. Mine were rubbing the caliper, so I ground down a little off the saddle, but I ordered spacers too, they just haven't come in yet. The only reason I ordered them is because with all the luck in the world, I got one miss cast rim with a 3mm taller backspace so I have to get the others out so it tracks right.


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Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Mar 22 2004, 01:32 AM
downside is that you run out of lug threads quick.

i'd run some real wheels. lol

Don't be knockin the HX wheels <_<

anyway, I'm leaning towards just shaving down the caliper a bit to solve the problem just based on the cost of a good spacer. I don't really have alot of money to be droppin on stuff like that and I don't want to go with some crappy non hub centric things either

I guess we'll just have to see where I'm at once it gets warmer and how much I end up spending on the rest of my suspension upgrades

thanks for the input guys


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I use a 5mm spacer on my 13s for auto-xing. Been using them for a whole set of Hoosiers and they are fine. They work with stock studs, although I wouldn't go any more than 5mm before getting longer studs.