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i didnt really know where to post this question,my friend thinks that if he gets his motor mounts filled, he will have no wheelhop at all, i tried to explain that(from what i thought) wheelhop comes from the suspension...can anyone help me out with this question. where does wheelhop come from?



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well, i clicked the link and nothing came up. is it a big explantion or could you (if you know) just awnser it. i would also like to know. im not bieng a smart ass but could you help me out also. thanks
i had trouble wiht this myself, i replaced motormounts, which helped, new struts and shocks, which helped, and what did the most was new urathane bushings in my front lower control arms. check for worn bushings


all i have to say is if you have wheel hop get some adjustable shocks and it will help alot. probably the urethane bushing would help i havent tried them so i cant tell u for sure but i know the new shocks help alot.


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I did, but with my bigger brakes they hit at full wheel lock, they did exactly what they are supposed to do.