Wheels Too Big?

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I have seen a couple of 17 inch rims that are supposed to be super light, like the new velox pro-gear series or centerline rpm's or impulse. I think 17's are slightly too big for an EK hatch but then there's the fact that the wheels weigh less than 12 pounds. I think 16x7's are ideal and I'm thinking Rotas as the alternative but I wanted to try something else first. I'm not finding any 16's that light either. You guys think 17's are too big? Any alternatives?
on the street, they are fne. but for anything competition wise, they are too big.

even though they are light, they are still bigger, and inertia will pull it harder away.
read our articles on rotaion mass
That is what I was thinking because I understand the whole thing w/ rotational mass, it's just hard to tell how much is offset by the lighter weight, but oh well, that doesnt really matter. Looks like circuit 8's it is.