When Does Psi Affect Stock Stuff?

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Im thinking putting a t3/t4 turbo on a b20b4 block and b16 head....
I was just wondering what needs to be changed as the PSI goes up? like 11psi = new blah blah, 12psi=new blah blah 13-new blah blah...
I think you get the idea... thanks guys!


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you would need new sleeves b/c the b20 sleeves arent that strong for boost, and next is low compression pistons. You also want less overlap.
that doesn't help... at what psi do i need sleeves and pistons?
thanks guy!

this is what i was told.. but i dont know how right it is, a b20b4 block with a b16 head stock can take 10 psi from a t3/t4 turbo and run 12's

port and polish the head, ferrea valve train, SRP, Wiseco, or JE low compression forged pistons, Eage forged rods, Arp bolts can take 20psi... but then you need new fuel stuff and I dont know what new fuel stuff that is, and thats what I was looking for help with. Making sure it all works together. I think they said bigger fuel injectors and a bigger fuel rail would be all thats needed...

please help me cause i have no idea... thanks guys


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There's no "cutoff" at which you'll need stronger components... just general rules and good tuning. A B20/B16 combo with all stock internals can probably handle 10psi from a T3/T4 turbo with good tuning and careful driving, but I would recommend still upgrading at least the pistons and rods.


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Originally posted by Calesta@Apr 5 2003, 04:42 AM
...can probably handle 10psi from a T3/T4 turbo with good tuning and careful driving, but I would recommend still upgrading at least the pistons and rods.

:werd: . but it'll take some pretty good tuning and it depeneds on what size t3/t4. but either way... i think that 10psi is pushin' it on stock internals. please just do the rods & pistons.
I will
Im gonna port and polish and put a ferrea valve train in also
Im worried about fuel management though because I dont know a lot about that stuff.


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when you get it onto a dyno you will be able to see your air/fuel ratio and you will know how much fuel your injectors are trying to flow, thats when you'll know if you need to upgrade the injectors, i have heard that once your injectors go over 80% duty cycle they become ineffective.


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PNP is all but worthless on a turbo'd car unless you're already maxing everything else out.

Save the money you would put into head upgrades and use it to build the bottom end. There's a few 10 second cars running around with STOCK DOHC VTEC heads, UNTOUCHED.

On the B20, anything over 250 HP at the wheels is pushing the stock siamese sleeve design. And knock or detonation and it's going to split and start eating oil.

I'd go b18b before I went B20, and keep the stock LS head on it. With a DECENT turbo kit, and some good tuning on the stock internals, you'll be in the 12's easy.

That's the cheapest, easiest way to make a fast Honda.


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well, my advice is to watch your driving. Note that when you run boost and fuel management, your engine becomes someone "delimited" often times the most damage is caused by the driver, not the setup.

Just ask sol, the pissedoffvetteracer. :D


calesta is the pissedoffvetteracer, not me.

and my recomendations are:

dyno tuned
arp head bolts
rods,pistons -OR- sleeved, rods, pistons

in that order