Where can I jack it?!

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Crazy Insane
... of course I'm referring to my ef. I know there's the 4 little "tabs" behind/in front of the wheels, but then you can't lower it on to a jackstand :p Just wondering where it's safe to jack my car up from to make this easier!
You don't have to put the jackstands on the jack points. I never do, just find the framerails and put the jackstands there, make sure they are supporting about an even amount of the weight of the car and you should be fine. You should also be able to jack the car up using the front framerail, rear framerail, or the rear towhook if you don't want to jack one corner of the car up at once. Some don't recommend using the towhook, but the rear ends of our cars dont weigh jack so I don't really think its an issue.
Just don't use the radiator support. Colletti Motorsports in Dayton did it with my car and bent the thing, pushing the rad up an inch. I couldn't close my hood. I had to cut off and reweld the radiator tabs to move it back down.
^Damn, I hate it when other people mess up someone's car :( I think I've put a jackstand under a beefy looking frame rail before but I've just never been sure of where it's safe to do so. Thanks guys!