Where Do I Start?

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can anyone help with some good info for the B16a civic (ek4). i'm stuck in lovelly england and need some adivce on what works best (i.e. more power) out of the engine! :D
any ideas? :ph34r:
what Bhp will that take me too any rough ideas?
i need to get to around 220Bhp (this will hopefully take me below the 7 sec barrier on the 1/4 mile)
was thinking about the use of NOS, any thoughts on the which one, it's between the zex and NX kits. :D
hopefully he meant 1/8th mile

yer my bad :blink: what i meant to say was it would give me a 0-60 time of below 7 sec.
what i'm thinking of doing is get the exhaust (cat back), header, hks induction kit, the venturi plate and the apexi vtec controller. that should see me below the 7 sec barrier (0-60 time.) and give me 188bhp (give or take)
does anyone think it might be wise to uprate the oil pump to the spoon sports one?? :worthy: