where to get my b16a sir2 swap?

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im wanting a jdm B16a SiR II full conversion swap w/LSD, thats including axles and p30 ECU too. anyone know where to get one other then hmotorsonline.net?
im looking for multiple places so i can browse my options. thanx guys.


no shopping around needed
get it from hmotorsonline.com
they are the most reputable place out there
EVERY engine i have seen from there has been in absolutly incredible shape

there are cheaper places... but most of them have more horror storries than Wes Craven

get it from hmotorsonline

you will not regret your decission
i was just trying to see what other places had cuz my friend has that swap and he cant remember what site he got it from or where his paperwork is right off hand, he payed 2450 for the whole package, and thats with tax and s&h, and his motor is incredible, and only came with 28000 miles, hmotorsonline does appeal to me, but i just wanted to check around to be sure.
there is no other company you should deal with. if you are trying to save 100-200 bucks you will end up paying more than that in broken shit.
hell ya. i just got done with my b16 swap and it kick ass.
i went hmotorsonlie.com
i think they were the best out of all the others i looked at. and steve (the guy that owns it) is awesome to deal with. if there is any problem he will try to get it fixed right away. i was missing a map sensor and he send me one out overnight for free.
and they back eveything up.
good place to go i promise.
Would just like to state that I purchased a B16A SiR II from www.japanstarmotor.com
and even paid extra (2400) to get the rear motor mount for my 96 EJ8 and the did not send it. The crank pully was chipped to all hell and the alt. pully was VERY damaged. They also did not send the OBD II dizzy I requested. I sent the defective parts back and did not recieve my new parts for THREE months. They also 100% assured it would be a drop in swap since I paid the overhead and the wiring harness does not match. Please do not buy from this company.