Where's the Air Intake Sensor on 2nd Gen B16A


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Okay everything is almost done. I figured out where the Water Temp sensor was. The car runs a lot better now and i only have one code throwing besides the vtec ones(i didnt' up vtec yet) and thats the IAT (intake air temp) code. I looked at a 1st gen b16a manual and it shows the sensor on the intake manifold near the injectors but its different on my motor. Anyone one know where this sensor is hiding?

I also have a problem with the vtec knock sensor. The motor had the sensor capped off for some reason, and i dont' know which pin is supposed to run to the computer and which one is supposed to go to ground. I tried to get a reading with a Volt meter but i had no luck. Now that i think about it, its probably all current coming out of the knock sensor.

I also had to used the map sensor on the throttle body and not the one on the firewall for some reason. I really should do a write up on this swap. ;)

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I swapped to the ITR intake manifold and mine is on runner #1, just under the FPR.

I want to say that the one on the B16a motor is there, or just underneath that area on the intake manifold.