Where's The Fuel Go?

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ok... so with a great help from all of my closest friends I trucked my H to the shop today. Getting the F out went smoothly to say the least. She didn't kick or scream or anything.... THen... I hurt my elbow doing god knows what so I decided to try some thinking time... So I was thinking about the fuel delivery.... hrm.... look at these pics.....

important pics first, then everything else...

Driver's side of fuel rail on H22A. Where the FUCK is the gat damn banjo fitting????? it looks just like that on the other side....

Is this the inlet??? It doesn't appear to be because that hose leads to a sensor which is the EGR vacuum solenoid or some shit... Besides, it's a 50+psi system, a damn hose clamp ain't gonna hold that.

THIS banjo is suppose to go onto something like this fitting on the f22's fuel rail.

But instead it looks like this....


If you can shed any light onto where the fucking fuel goes, I'd really like to know. I think I can solve the problem though... Just buy a damn AEM fuel rail and call it a day. If I do that WHICH fuel rail do I buy? It's not a Prelude, it's not a USDM Accord, its the ATR manifold. Ideas?
someone likes their digital camera!!!

the fitting on the right hand side of the fuel rail is the dump. it connects to the fuel pressure regulator which dumps the unused fuel from the fuel rail back to the gas tank.

you might have to grind off those little tabby things to get that fitting to work on that fuel rail.
But ya gotta understand, this engine ran once, in a real car. Fuel has to go somewhere, they didn't just plug it up and knotch both sides of the rail to be funny before sending me the engine... look at this pic here from inlinefour.com.

This is a Euro R H22A, just like mine, see on the right side... the PGMFI high pressure fitting? Where the hell does that lead to? Mine came with no fitting.