Which Axle

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ok guys, i have a torn CV boot on my crx, so i have to replace the axle. now heres my dilemma....i need the drivers side axle replaced, but i dont know what part to get. i have a 94 B18C1 engine in my 91 CRX Si. and i dont know what axle to get. im pretty sure that the axle from the GSR wont work. and i dont know if the existing axle is custom or what. does anyone know if there is a part that will definitely fit. also i heard that it depends on the intermediate axle that was used, again i have no idea, is there anyway i can figure out which intemediate axle i have, and which axle i should use with which one. now would it be better to just not replace the axle and just the cv boot?, but i also heard that when the cv boot goes the axle isnt far behind, so i dunno. please any help would be appreciated.
I've torn the drivers side boot twice in my Civic, I just had it replaced and it works fine.
so which boot do you think i should get? anyone else think i should do jus the boot and save the trouble of trying to find the right axle? what boot for what car should i get?