Which Car To Get?

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Junior Member
I hope somebody can give me good advice. I want a delsol with RSX type-s engine dropped in it... Would it be hard?? actually I'm not gonna be doing the enigne work, but.. If I'm planning on doing that which year del sol should I get?? also which model?? would this work if I get del sol base model??? Also I want a anti-lock and dual air bag system on a car, so what would be the recommandation?? Any comments will be helpful.

prawjEKt Cx

Senior Member
not worth the time nor the money.... your return on the investment would be petty compared to what you could do with your money on a b series swap


Senior Member
if your willing to spend money on that, why not just swap for a b16b (ctr) or b18c5 (itr). Those are still really good engines.