which car to work on


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hey all, i was just going to try to get some input as to which car i should work on. i have a 1997 civic lx 4 door and a 2005 civic lx coupe, both automatic transmission. i am looking to get somewhere around 170 - 200 hp. the 05 looks nicer, but could be more expensive. thanks for your help.


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Sell em both and buy somethin lightwieght, then throw the rest of the money into the engine and suspension. Thats what i would do at least

prolly a lot more and cheaper parts for the 97 like u said.


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wtf is with you and "type aRrrrg" y0? at least you have a point in this case.

itr swap and you're set... that will get you about 195 @ the crank but only about 165 at the wheels. which honestly wouldn't be all that fast in that tank. no offence. but a stock gsr + boost will get you some pretty good numbers what will scoot you along pretty well. but it will be a bit more work... but not a ton more $ than the ITR swap. maybe another 2k.