Which do you Recommend...

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Well im either thinking if swapping a d16z6 and turbo'in it, or im thinkin of swapping a b16a2, which would be cheaper? which do you think would work better for my 95 dx hatch? and which do you think would be the easier swap?



all comes down to final goals
a turbo D16 can be pretty fast (faster than any stock B series)

a B16 has more potential... but if you arent going to use it then whats the point

how fast do you want to be
Get a D series. Blow it up. then get a B ;)
D series are cheap an common.
B series can expensive.

If your looking for a cheap swap with potential. find a non-vtec b series. Like a LS from an integra and build it up.

Just do some research on what other people have done. Just stay OBD1 :lol: I'm in progress of changing over my CRX cause the motor died.
Get the B16. Better options, if you can afford it and shit.

But in reality, fuck the B series, thats yesterdays news. Get a K, mofo.