Which Engine Setup would be best??

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Ok I have been planing and planing and many and many plans have been created and then reploted. I am looking to finsish my turbo project and I am looking for some opinions in the way to go. I am at the begining once again so going in any direction is not a problem.

As it sits right now there is a d16z6 Stock engine in my civic. I have thought about keeping it building it up but that is not an option. It is going to be sold.

This is what this Setup is going to be used for I am looking to have a Everyday driver relibuilty with a Weekend Warrior power potential inside. I am looking for around 450 Hp with 20+ Psi but I will turn it down to around 8-10 Everyday.

I have a three basic setups and I need help to decide the one to do.

The first would be to use a B16A2 Block which I have in my garage, or to buy a B18 block.

Next I would have to block sleeved "Sugestions on Sleeves to Use" and took out to 84mm.

I am going to use diff rods probally Eagle. I will use probally Je 9.1 Comp Pistions. Arp bolts. I will have it all balanced and assembled ect.

I know the B16 has a better Rod to Stroke ratio then the B18 I know this might be better for high reving and might make it a better choice for the everyday driver but on the other side this motor will have around 1.7 Displacment compared to the 2.0 of the B18. I want the torque, but which would be better in my case to have the Rod Stroke or the Extra Torque? I want to have reliablity. Keep this is mind.

Next Would be the Head I am going to use the B16a2 Head if I use the B16 Block and if I use the B18 I might use a Stock Ls Head or Go Ls/Vtec. I would use the Gsr Cams. I am going to port and Polish the Head, New Valves Ect Ect. A full built Head.

What would be better if I go with the B18? The Ls Turbo or the Ls/Vtec Turbo?

I am looking at using a 94+ Hydro Ls Tranny, and All the other parts needed I have in mind to build up this engine.

I am also stuck on what to use for a Fuel Mangment System. This is the 5 I have in Mind.

Hondata 200 w/Boost
Emange Ultimate
Aem Ems

I am leening twords the Honata. I have heard it reads the boost through the map sensor and then adjust the Fuel map accordingly. I figured this would be better because I could adjust my boost controller and have everything tunned right there for the new boost with anyboost level I desired.

Well thank you for taking the time to read my post. I hope for you to show your opinions if anything I just will not agree I would rather hear opinions and maybe find something new out or gain more knowlage that will lead me in the right direction. I know many people have tooken all the paths already.

My opinion on this one.....

JDM B16A Tranny w/LSD.
Stock flywheel, twin plate clutch.
JG or Bensons sleeves.
Eagle forged rods.
Weisco forged pistons - 9.0:1
Stock head, Skunk2 turbo cams.
750cc injectors.
VictorX or Full-Race Intake Manifold.
T3 60-1 Turbo or GT3037 (if you have the extra cash)
Chrome or Uberdata (free) with boost options and datalogging (Hondata is a fucking rip-off...but the new S300 is lookin pretty cool)
And a few days tuning with the best tuner you can afford.

I've left a BUNCH of shit out, but you get the idea...

Dont get ahead of yourself though....a 450whp turbo honda is no "reliable daily driver". personally, I'd only drive that car at the track, and get a beater. But thats me....I don't even like driving my car to work when the suspension is turned all the way to stiff, let alone 450hp worth of turbo.