Which Engine ?

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:blink: Guys, just one question I want to swap a engine in to my 90 civic LX I know the ZC, goes in as well as the D16 (SI) but what other acura engine would swap with no problem I don't to go thru to much hassel. It's a every day use car, just wondering what anyone would recomend. :D

Without much hassel, you don't have alot of choices, because regardless of what engine you choose, you'd want to change your wiring to the 4 injector setup. The Dual Point Fuel Injection you have now only uses 2 injectors.

If you are willing to change the wiring to make it work, I'd go with a d16z6 out of a 92-95 Civic EX or Si. 125 HP, bolts to your transmission, and all you have to do is wire up VTEC and the extra injectors.
HASPORT Makes a conversion wiring harness kit to make it from the dpfi to mpfi so you wouldn't have to change the body harness if you didn't want to splice. My bro is buying the conversion wiring harness soon. Hit Civic_88ls with a pm. He did his whole swap pretty easy and knows his 4th gen stuff.
I know that I have to Dual point to the multi point that's a MUST but still If I went with a ZC engine what do you think I mean with the 92-95 engine would'nt I have to change to OBD 1 to make it work I don't really know If there is a harness conversion for OBD 0 to OBD 1 and if there is I have'nt seen it. But thanks a lot guys for the info I'll see what I'll get, but thanks guys :worthy:
You can go with the B18's as well now. I know some one with a B16 swap in his spare car as well. It's an 89 hatch. Cable B16 swaps can be had for under a grand from K.Wantanabe.