Which Intake Would Fit Better

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I've got a b18c1 in a '94 civic, I'm wondering which AEM Cold Air Intake would "fit" better. I've seen a civic intake on a b18c1 swap before, and it needs a little "engineering" to make it work, because the intake manifold is in a slightly different spot. Would an integra cold air kit fit better? I guess the question becomes is the intake hole on an integra different than intake hole on '94 civic. Or should I buy a different cold air intake?
i dont mean to be jacking someones post, but i had this same question, i have a B18C1 in a 91 CRX, anyhelp would be appreciated.
Originally posted by GSRCRXsi@Jan 29 2003, 05:55 PM
i dont mean to be jacking someones post

then dont ;)

as for the 94 ... get the CAI for the GSR 5th gen civics and 3rd gen integras have pretty much the same engine bay