Which is the best Octane Booster ?

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Does anyone have any recommendations as to which is the best Octane Booster on the market ??

Is there any Octane Booster that will raise octane level more than 10 points ?



The best gas we have here is 90 Octane. :(

I would like to use at least 92 Octane (preferably 94 Octane) since I am using high compression (~ 11.8:1). ;)

So I would like an Octane Booster than can possibly take me up to 92 or better !

What do you guys recommend ??



They just tested this in the latest SCC - apparently, for the money, the NOS octane booster works the best. Adds 2-3 octane points to any given fuel.


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Not sure about that NOS stuff, but 104+ octane booster was noticeable. It'll get pretty pricey if you add booster a every fill-up. Just try to get better gas if possible.


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the SCC article was pretty informative. but definatly the most cost effective way would be to buy better gas. (they have 93 here, HAHA)
if you can get toulene cheap that will work too. the results from the SCC test suprized me though I thought it would provide more of an octane boost.

Just out curiosity why do you want to raise your octane that much? - EDIT Oops I didn't see your second post..

You should be able to run that compression with 90 octance and the NOS octane booster. I'm suprized that 90 is the best stuff you can get.


Our regular here is 87 and premium is 90 octane.

We only have these two Octane levels available in Jamaica. :thumbsdown:

You guys think I can tune effectively to use 90 Octane without raising the Octane level to at least 92 :question: :exclaim:

If that is a sure thing then I will definitely do that - but I would rather be safe (increasing the octane some) than sorry (detonation/knock) !!! :unsure:

Let me know what you guys think. :hmm:



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If you're careful with your tuning, you can run 11.8:1 on 90 octane gas. Just take extra care with your timing maps. Toyota sells the Celica GT-S with an 11.5:1 compression ratio, and that runs on 91 octane with a street tune conservative enough to survive if a retarded owner puts in 87. Tune yours well and you can get it run right on 90 and still make decent power. Of course, your power potential would be much higher with higher octane gas, but it will be difficult for you to make sure every tank of gas is consistent while mixing in octane booster.


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Just remeber there is no regulation on what they are selling as octane booster. So you never know exaclty what your putting in your car and if it will really make a difference.


Can I just tune for 90 Octane, then use a recognized Octane Booster such as NOS ??

Or just tune for 90 Octane period ???

Your thoughts again.



definately look into toluene

and its prob better to just tune for 90 octane period...


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toulene mix of 30% of fuel capacity= best octain booster....but its expensive...

92+30%mix=98.6 rating
this should answer your question