Which LSD For Best Handling?

What's the best LSD, price aside?

  • Mugen 45/20 1.5-way LSD

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  • Mugen 58/20 1.5-way LSD

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  • OPM Clutch-Pack LSD

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  • Quaife Gear-Type ATB LSD

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  • Torsen (Type-R Tranny) Helical LSD

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  • I've never driven

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PLEASE, don't use this poll if you haven't PERSONALLY DRIVEN a manual-transmission honda/acura with a limited-slip differential. And I could care less about drag racing, sorry, so no all-out tuners.

This is for my daily driver and AutoX car, my 5th gen Civic with a B18B swap. I'm shopping to do this during the summer, as soon as I have the extra $$$$. I'd like to go ahead and put a lighter flywheel, along with a good handling LSD into the stock transmission. If I need to go to a GSR or Type-R tranny, that can be done, but again, I like the low-speed pep this car has right now... I just want to improve on the handling characteristics. Is there something to be done with the final drive to make it a better car for my purposes?

I want to hear experience!... Seat time!... People who have driven an LSD: What kind was it? Would you rather have another type (gear, clutch, helical)? What handling characteristics (under 40mph, harsh cornering) did it display? Was it easy to launch into a curve? How did it handle in long, sweeping curves under hard throttle?... and what kind of tires/surface were you on at the time?



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great question

personally i havent gotten to drive one yet but i will be starting out with an ITR helical in the spring and most likely upgrading to the Quaife for the following season


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Ok my experience are all from road racing (thunderhill, laguna, willow springs, las vegas) and daily street just for reference, absolutely no auto-x sorry if this is no help =P. eg6 with b16b 15x7 with yoko a032R's

first i used ITR LSD. its a decent lsd that can hold most naturally aspirated motors. it is not a very agressive lsd as far as locking thru the turns. it does help alot over an open diff tho. i noticed the car still pushes . thru more technical turns, i didnt really notice it was there, thru long sweepers it did help "suck" the car back in when more gas was given, but not alot.

kaaz lsd, clutch type, 1.5 way. only used on a small technical track, las vegas. way more agressive than the itr lsd. pain in the ass break in procedure. gives alot more power to the non-powered wheel. tighter turns, can take at a lot highr speeds without fear, no problem with getting the car back in and away from pushing right off the track. give it more gas and the tires will look for traction for a second and as soon as they hook up the car will pull back in. thru a long sweeper, could take it faster as well. able to keep the line without pushing off.

ATS lsd,clutch type, 1.5 way. what i use now. extremely "grippy" lsd. managed to break 2 axles at 12hr endurance race. has more plates than all the otehr companies 16 vs. 14(usually) and the surface area is a lot larger = more lock/grip. i believe they produce a 20plate one now. basically the same characteristics as the kaaz, but a lilttle more extreme. easier to just turn the wheel in and give it gas if u feel the car pushing. it locks more than the kaaz thru slow turns, on really slow, like in 1st gear, turns the inside wheel will skip cause the lsd locked already. not sure i u want it for a daily.

i would have to say for performance purposes i chose a clutch type. cant deny the benefits of the traction that a clutch type provides. downside, lots more maintenance. expensive oil that needs to be changed often.

as far as final drives, u can go with a jdm itr 4.785 or an ats 4.9 will keep u in the power band and help u rev up a lot faster. the drop off in rpms from shifts is alot less as well. great for a road track imagine it would be good for auto-x.


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My experience-

Honda helical LSD

I haven't raced with it much, but it really does help the car continue to rotate in the turns, where the old open diff setup would push like crazy. I can still cause a good bit of understeer, but that's really only when I overpower the tires and start spinning them through a corner- and when that happens, both break loose at the same time and it's very controllable. The turns are very smooth... there is are no rough transitions while the LSD is working, and it really does help you to power through turns. Need more turning power? I just give it more gas and it pulls me in. It's nice, really.


Originally posted by Silverchild79@Jan 17 2003, 07:18 PM
how much would one of these LSD's run? I've never priced them.

Remember labor is expensive, so consider doing a flywheel and clutch if you plan on doing an aftermarket LSD.

OPM Clutch-type LSD
(from HERE) for 94-02 Integra GSR

Mugen mechanical (clutch?) LSD
(from HERE) for 94-01 GSR / 97-01 Type R
$1200 + options :spin:

more prices later

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i thought the quaife was amazing, in my friends 00 gsr.... but i really have no basis to compare it to, besides the normal open