which one?

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Okay, should i stick with a 75 shot of zex nitrous or go with a decent turbo kit. I currently have a b16a in a crx with alot of mods including full zex valvetrain and zex stage2 cams, fuel pump, adj cam gears, adj FPR and i/h/e etc etc.... i already have the zex nitrous at my house but it is not installed. would it be safer to use the nitrous or get a turbo and run 8-10 psi? i can get a block guard for fairly cheap but i do not want to go into the internals(pistons, rods) b/c this is my daily driver car. plus i would like to always have the power available for me to use. and plus... i'll have to keep refilling the nitrous. $40 per fill . so i ask again, What should I do?


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sounds like YOU want to go with a turbo.

install the zex first, then make up your mind. my friend who has a who has a crx is running a 12.6 1/4, with a b16, ctr cams, msd, fpr, and a 80 shot wet.


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I say build up for turbo, do your research as Pissedoffsol would say. Screw nitrous. start looking into building your bottom end.
Good Luck...


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your cams wont work well with n2o. either leave the zex cams in and juice it, or put your stockers back in and boost.


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Nitrous and turbo both rock when they're done right. If you already have the zex kit, I'd go ahead and install it. As far as which is the safest, it all depends upon your tuning.