Which Prelude To Buy?

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My mom just wrecked and totalled the 95 sol that we used to share recently and was thinking of buying a prelude.I'm a born and bred civic man,I don't know much about ludes, so does any body have any suggestions?she wants a 2003 but we looked at honda.com and they didn't list any 'ludes. do they make them anymore? what models are best for light modding? this will not be a race car but my mom loves to haul ass?the things it has to have are 1. a VTEC 2.abs 3. manual trans

thanx for any input

ps hondaswap has to be the best site in existence!!! :worthy:
they stopped making preludes in 2001. models for light modding. Well you pretty much just made your mind up because you want vtec so your gonna have to look for one with the h22.
Any 1997-2001 (the last year of the Lude, RIP) will have VTEC and ABS. Base models came with a 5-speed and slushbox, and the Type SH only came with a 5-speed and also had ATTS, which is an electronic version of an LSD.
Don't get an s2000 unless you want a RWD vehicle. Of the few people who I have ever scene post that own one (2) They were unhappy with them. One person was trying to sell his. Get a 'lude.
And that's why Grimace is a n00b. Yeah, everyone hates a RWD Honda with 240 hp and 2.0 litres of import power. Care to hate on an RX-7 or 300ZX while you're at it? Why stop there? Skylines suck, too, right?
I owned a 84 300zx (slush) I could barely control it in the rain, that thing became a fu**in tilt-a-whirl if you hit the gas comin around a corner at any speed! woo hoo, hold on to your assholes!!!
Just do not get an SH. They are great out of the box, but a headache when you try to mod them. The ATTS unit is very sensitive and if it goes out because you bumped it cause it was lowered....2500.00 used for a new one. Clutches are a huge pain to install and more expensive....I could go on for ever.
I don't think she would let me lower it. after all she's the one who has to drive it...although she's not stopping the essentials(intake, exhaust). thanks for letting me know about that ATTS sensitivity :D
i had a 2000 prelude , loved it but it was too exspensive. sh if you can find one but the normal is great too.
The 5th gens are nice...but way to heavy...there is no difference between the type Sh and the base besides the SH having atts...which in my opinion do not get it.

Another option is a 4th gen like the one pictured below. The thing hauls ass, looks great, and not to many people have VTEC's. Plus the leather seats are comfy :)

Mod's so far:
Kamikaze 2.5" NA Header
Thermal 2.5" Cat Back
Carsound 2.5" High Flow Cat
DC Sports Rear Lower, Rear Upper, Front Upper Tie Bars
Apex-i V-AFC
DC Sports Short Shift Kit
OEM Stanley JDM Headlights
**Just Installed** OEM Foglights (A must for that gen lude...pics to come :))
Painted OEM Underbody Spoilers to match vehicle.

Sitting in the garage:
94 Prelude Si Wheels

On Order:
Skunk2 Stage II Cams w/Ti Valvetrain

Soon to come:
Tein or Progessive 16way Fully Adjustable Dampers/Springs/etc...
Falken Azenis 205/50/15's

So far the car is easy to mod, and I find it a little harder to work on wrenching wise, but have had no REAL trouble doing routine maintance (T-Belt, waterpump, f & r brakes)

Anyways heres some pics for food for thought!






Go with a 4th gen lude. 92-95 will be the yrs you'll be looking at. If you want something that not many ppl have yet is still pretty quick. you can go with the 3rd gen si 4ws. Their quick, take corners like you wouldn't believe, not many have them because it was a limited edition. With some light mod's you could have it doin bout 155 hp torque is high enough to get em haulin ass, mine had round 122 torque.
I'd say stay away from the 3rd gen Ludes. The stock engines are hard to find parts for, and if you're interested in swapping, your choices are limited unless you have a sky-high budget.
not true, i had a 3rd gen 4ws lude not even 8 months ago.. i didn't have any problem finding parts for it. true, mod's will be expensive. but that's the same with any prelude out there. there are a few sites i know of where you can get plenty of support, and know-how of what to do with your lude. try checkin out www.3glude.com antonio's lude is PHAT as hell. jon and i know one guy who threw a turbo on his auto 3rd gen lude! sure the cost was up there, but when you have a car already made to perform, further mod's will be expensive. :spin: