Which Wheels To Go With

What wheels should i go with?

  • Rota Sub-Zero

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  • SSR Competiti

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Personally I like slipstreams, but choose whatever you think you'll be happy with on your car.

btw...Taking Back Sunday rocks. I saw them at PromoWest in Columbus about a month ago with NFG. Very very good show.
what car do you have???
year, model, color, pic would help if you had one...
BTW - Taking back Sunday Rocks!!!

Edit: Damn HondasHateMe you posted that like 2 seconds before I did.
i think i'm gonna go with the sub-zeros, but anyways i saw them like 2 months ago at club laga in pittsburgh they were totally awesome
those SSR's are SWEET!!!!!!! if you tell me the color of your car, i will photoshop all 3 wheels on there for you so u can compare. i'll just use a pic of my 89 crx for it. PM me if you want me to.