Who is the fastest on HondaSwap?

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I'm a newer member here. I'm just wondering if there is a thread dedicated, to who has the fastest car on Honda Swap.

If it is, I'm sorry can you direct me? If not can we get one started?

Not for flaming puposes! For fun only! I just want to see what everybody's got!

Gotta show proof!

If there is not a thread of this nature. I will post what I got if someone wants to get it started go ahead!
i had the fastest garage :D certainly not the fastest car though.... and that was 4 years ago

If this is still around in March Ill post a time slip, right now all I have is a dyno chart.
I had a FTOD last season....

theres proof somewhere, on some forum....I'm sure.......well, thats not really "proof", but whatever
Probably one of the sponsors.

My car is DOA right now, but hoping to hit 13.9 on street tires with the NA D15B by next fall.
what is your idea of fastest? is 1/4 mile all you care about?

If so I guess myself with Pryregod right behind me.

we should both hit low 10s in stock from at a drag strip with our bikes :D

I might have at one time. owned one of the fastest hondas here, but I never did track it to find out, after selling it and more money going into it, it ran a 9.3, again, that was after I sold it, I never did track the car since I really don't give a damn about drag racing.

My current car with street tires should run mid to low 12s and with slicks 11s would be easily doable. but again I have no desire to drag it so thats nothing more then BS since I have nothing to back it up other then a dyno and other cars with close power that have run well into the 11s.

As far as auto cross goes.... My car should rank up there, but Im not sure what else is out there, B's M3 would do well for a stock car, but Im guessing there's a few civics out there that might give it a run for its money on a small track.
None come to mind but Im sure there's a few on here.... come to think of it, Es Del Sol handled like it was on rails.... guardrails... oh snap!
Doesn't Cel have a Busa?

I need to head up to VIR and see how well my suspension is. :)

He had or might still have a ZX12R, both the Honda 1000RR and GSX-R1000 are less weight and make more power.

In the end it all comes down to rider, Pryregod doesn't have a lot of time on his bike and its hard to picture cal putting his ZX12R anywhere near its limits.

Most people can't push a 600 anywhere near its limits let alone a higher powered bike.
I have the slowest...it's only moved 14 feet in 4 years...
ntenc1, that hatch was pretty nasty all motor!

me personally, i probably have the slowest b20vtec ever lol.... but not for long :D