Who will out handle?

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I'm in the market to buy a EF9 hatch ( if i remember the chasis code correctly ) or a 1988-91 rex. I previously had a 89 rex but the hatch is a tad bit more practical for a daily driver (2.5 more seats and room to spare). The main thing that I am wondering about is handling. For those of you that have experience with both cars, is there a noticeable difference with handling? I know the hatch is longer, and probably a little heavier, but can you tell the difference. Has anyone auto xed both cars? Which did you like better?

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A Si rex will out handle a hatch, a Si rex will out handle a LOT of cars. Fact is though, you can make either handle just as well with some add ons.


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ive driven my 88 CRX DX and a lowered 91 Civic DX. the 91 felt the same but once you push them; the 88 tends to lose the rear end more(especially from hard braking). a hatch was actually my first choice but the deal with the guy didnt work out so im stuck with a CRX.


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my 91 crx dx , with kyb agx and neuspeed springs handles great, sticks to the road like glue, no body roll etc... I'm sure other cars perform better but for a stock and $600 in suspension it's great.


My 90 crx handles like its on rails. Even before the neuspeed suspension it handled very well.

I also had a 91 hatch, it handled quite well, too.

The suspension is basically the same. The hatch has a few hundred extra pounds to lug around, and has a slightly longer wheel base. They are both great. From a track standpoint I would go with the rex. But for a daily driver, I went with the rex... lol.. But a hatch would be much more practical, and they handle pretty close to the same. You can definently feel the extra weight though.