WV Whole Parts Car CRX-HF 85

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Hi to all,

I 've got a CRX-HF which I purchased new 25 years ago for 6K or so. It has been with me ever since and for the past 7 years in our garage. I drove it a lot going up to Snowshoe Mouintain during the winters from 1999 until 2002 after that time I only drove it occasionally. The road salt had done a deed to the underside which I tried to control unsuccessfully. The interior, engine, body and plastics (except for the underside) are in good shape and minimal damage. Needs someone with the guts and drive to take it apart and weld in a new floor and door sills. Engine runs strong(1500cc) with 137K, has AC, clock, blaupunkt radio shot, original jean CRX embossed seat covers, most interior plastic is in good to better shape, some crack part fixable, all glass, doors, brakes, everything else is fine. Battery is dead, clutch works but might need adjustment, 4 sets of tires and rims 14" alloy and original 13" steel with 2 sets of 4 centers. Over $200 dollars of extra replacement parts, including new sets of front and rear struts, tie-rods, boots, brake pads, all in a large box unused.

I would have liked to restore the floor board myself but I do not possess the skills to use acetylene welding and or metal shaping. Today I removed the side skirts and under door plastic sills to look at the rust progress. I had, a few years back tried POR15 on the entire underside and had done my best at it, having totally taken the interior apart to get to the rusted locations. That work had stop fumes and water infiltration into the cabin, but had not prevented further corrosion to the undercarriage and lower structure components. I got photos. I what to sell it, as is, where it is. If no takers, it will go to a junk hauler who offered $300. This is the first car I bought fresh out of college, to establish my own credit, I had some of the wildest times in it. I has been to the Caribbean and driven to its fullest and fastest capabilities. Come and get it, because it still has life in it. I am in Green Bank, WV, 1 mile from NRAO towards Snowshoe Resort.