Why Are People So God Damned Rude?

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Synergy 2636: fuck you
pissedoffsol: umm thats nice. how was your ay
pissedoffsol: *day
Synergy 2636: first time I have seen you here
Synergy 2636: actually on
pissedoffsol: and guess what, for saying fuck me- you'll nver see me on here again. retard. learn some fucking manners.


Originally posted by FFCiv@Apr 4 2003, 11:03 PM
he almost blocked me but I appolizeded

would you like a new brand of tampons for your vagina?

they are SUPER absorbent and come in the flowery smell of a spring-time river, flowing through a green lush meadow.....


I'm just about that action Boss.
I want some fucktards! :angry: but all I get is kids that ask questions and know the answers and are like oh yeah, that's what I thought when I tell em what's up. :(


Originally posted by FFCiv@Apr 4 2003, 11:03 PM
he almost blocked me but I appolizeded

cuz i get 15-20 of what you pulled a day. it gets really old and really gay reallly fuckign fast.
if you can't speak english to me, have anything important to say, and ask/talk nicely, i don't have time for you. simple as that.

ask kylemarx. when i first met him, i banned like 5 of his s/n's cuz he pissed me off. lol


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:lol: And you have yet to block mine? Damn. I remember i use to say some random fucking shit at 3am.. (i still do <_< ).. that and i change sn's so fucking often. :D


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Hey Karnash, we're just supporting him because he did something both cool AND tough. It takes a lot to do that on the internet.


:lol: brown noser's :p

what I think is REAL funny is how everyone thinks i'm some sort of master mecahnic or something. lol i'm a computer nerd, and don't you ever forget that.


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:werd: Brian is an l33t h4x0r, he has Eric and Bill do all his car work :) BTW, what is the grand total of the "Buy Brian a Skyline Foundation"? Still sitting at 20.00? :p


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Originally posted by djyox@Apr 5 2003, 03:51 AM
what is this on AIM or some shit?

y0 dawg, what is this some fuckin aim shiznit or something? mad h0mies be frontin up to me on that shit, I just tell em to grab the 9 and ill see em at nine, in the morning, and pretty soon their family will be mourning, cause ill bring it to their door, and bring them to the floor - with my deadeye aim - hangin up on a-i-m YO.

werd to the homies