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I just recently got tha car i been searchin for,,,,a 89 crx ,,,i figured why not beef it up a little,,,so i ordered a b16a,, got it put it,,,total cost bout 4000 canadian after all tha parts,,,,to my surprise @ 4500 rpms my exaust would triple in sound,,,,i didnt think hte vtec would do that,,,and neither did my mechanic,,,although i went to race a 94 sunbird,,,with 120 hp,,,hahhaha only to my surprise dick he kick my ass,,,,,i was steamin,,,,,,,since then it seems the power just isnt there,,,,i put 2'1/2 exaust from to back,,no cat,,no res,,,n an r1 muffler,,,also a injen intake,,,,figure i had to free up some air due to the stock half inch piping,,,,,,although that failed ot work,,,,i am clueless as to what i should do or where to go,,,,,im new to the game and really would apreciate any imput as i wish to turbo the car in a month or two but not till the engine runs the way it should

thanx so much
please reply to [email protected] thanx again


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Dude you geting smoked by a sunbird says alot , though we cant take much information from it. Is your clutch slipping, is the car in dire need of a tune up, theres a million and a half hings that would make your car seem under power, yo uneed to tell your mechanic and get yoru moneys worth out of him.


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honestly,,,,,,,,,the first gen motors are weaksause.......and i don't care what people say about them.

not sure why your ride isn't running up to par,,,,


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have you tryed the simple things like a tuneup? Put some new plugs in (NGK) and put some new wires on it (OEM HONDA) new distributor cap, rotor, and fuel filter. Run a compression test. Maybe you got a bad engine.